Glutathione IV And Injections .. Available in NJ Near NY

Glutathione injections and IVs are beneficial proteins administered to the body using intravenous needle. It is used for so many things ranging from the treatment of cataracts to the prevention of aging.

Glutathione is naturally produced by the liver and is found in fruits, meat and vegetables.  There are glutathione drugs for oral usage but these do not work as fast and give less effective results than the glutathione IVs and injections do due to the metabolism it would have to go through in the digestive tracts.

Glutathione IV and injections are effective methods of raising glutathione levels quickly.

Some people use Glutathione IVs and injections for skin whitening. The glutathione administered to the body reduces the stimulation/pigmentation of the skin, thereby causing the white skin colouration. The effects of whitening the skin depends solely on the amount of pigmentation the skin has. By the third to fourth administration of glutathione IVs or injections, obviously visible difference is seen.


The best dosage for glutathione IVs and injections are not yet determined but the dosage range between 50-1400mg depending on the referred dosage by your doctor. It is advised to either use as prescribed by the drug manufacturers or stick to your doctor’s advice.


What are the benefits of using glutathione IVs and injections?

  • Absorbed faster into the body than the oral methods of administration.
  • More effective than any other methods of skin whitening processes.
  • The injections are administered into the muscle to prevent the poisonous side effects of chemotherapy (the treatment for cancer) although some doctors do warn about this because it might reduce the effect of the drugs administered during chemotherapy.
  • Alzheimer, Dementia, Anti-Aging, Liver Disease and so many other illnesses and diseases.
  • The injections are also used for treating male infertility.
  • Glutathione IVs are used for the prevention of anemia in some patients that have kidney problems.
  • It is used to prevent kidney problems after some surgery has been done on a patient especially surgery around the heart.
  • Glutathione IVs are used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
  • It is used for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Some people use Glutathione IVs mixed with vitamin C for an even white skin tone.

Gluatathione IV or Injections are available at the AIM Center in Paramus, NJ Outside of NY State. Each treatment is about 75 to $100. Depending on what dose you are looking for and what would best help you. Call Robert at 201.618.3534 to discuss Glutathione treatment and to schedule an appointment.  201.618.3534

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