Holistic Health and Wellness is More Than Just A Good Diet

Any good talk therapist will tell you that focusing on a concept is the first step to achieving it. A car racer will tell you that you have to look at where you want the car to go, not what you need to avoid.

However, how often do we focus on our wellness? Instead, we go from day to day, not thinking about our health or body until it begins to ache, a joint twinges, or a headache starts. Then we try to fix the problem.

Wellness is a much wider concept, encompassing our physical, mental and spiritual sides. Each day we make decisions that affect the balance of our body and our wellbeing:

  • What we eat for lunch: Salad with low fat chicken and piece of fruit shortly after or a fast food sandwich and a candy bar later.
  • How we respond to getting up in the morning: by getting upset at the days tasks or trying to find the positive in every situation.
  • How we respond to feeling tired during the day: choosing a heart damaging energy drink or selecting a herbal tea blend.
  • How we act when we get home from work: collapsing on the couch, exhausted, or summoning up the will to stop at the gym or a yoga class on the way home, or walking around our neighborhood.

Each decision we make throughout each day creates our wellness.

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