Unlike so many other diseases and conditions, acid reflux has a wide range of symptoms. It can be severe in one person and mild in another. There are many types of discomfort and pain associated with acid reflux. Suffers can simply experience mild burping while others will find it hard to breath and experience such acute pain they might feel they are experiencing heart problems.

We all get gas and there is no avoiding it if you’re a human being! It’s hard to tell if you’re showing signs of true acid reflux-where the stomach contents leak ‘backwards’ from the stomach into the esophagus-or if you’ve simply eaten too fast, or eaten something that is simply not agreeing with you. That’s what makes acid reflux such a hard condition for the average person to pin down. We all suffer from gas from time to time and burping is sometimes a normal function of life.

Treatments of acid reflux can take on many forms, but avoiding foods like alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods is always a good idea. Over-the-counter antacids may be used after meals and at bedtime, but relying on these for any length of time isn’t the best course of action.

As with any other disease or condition the best way to battle the problem is get to the root of it…and with acid reflux there can be many causes. This has become a very common condition these days-due to our diets, our stress levels, and our overall lifestyles. Acid reflux can be significantly controlled by the right approaches from an expert.

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