What is Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide? Available at NJ Clinic

One of the most debated intravenous therapies in the medical field today is intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatment. There are many people who support the claim that hydrogen peroxide is actually dangerous for the system. However, it only happens when an inadequate dose of the compound is taken orally without medical supervision. As such, the solution […]

L-Carnitine Injections At The AIM Center in New Jersey

Besides weight loss L-Carnitine injections are used to treat a number of diseases, both for promotion of a better state of health through treatment of a disease like cancer, and as a natural remedy for male impotence by promoting healthier sperm. For cancer patients the naturally occurring L-carnitine gets used at a higher rate. This […]

Vitamin B12 Shots, Injections With Lipotropics for Weight loss, Energy & Good Health

One of the ways offered by the market to regulate our weight, improve energy, depression and other symptoms is B12. Vitamin B12 injections are now in common use for these purposes and have been promoted by celebrities as a further boost to weight loss, improve health, medical conditions and overall well being.

Vitamin B12 injections […]

Amino Acid Therapy Using Compound Amino Acids Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

The AIM Center in Paramus, NJ offers customized Amino Acid Therapy for various conditions. Call Robert to speak further, answer questions and set you up initial appointment. Call 201.618.3534. Amino Acid therapies are not covered by insurance.

In New York you can find reputable clinics that provide amino acid therapy using compound amino acids.

Amino […]

Intravenous Chelation Therapy offered in New Jersey

Chelation Therapy is a popular method of cleansing and rejuvenating the body. Many people who suffer from fatigue report increased energy, awareness and sense of well-being after undergoing Chelation Therapy. Intravenous Chelation Therapy has many advantages over oral pills. The purpose of Chelation Therapy is to remove toxins from the body. Heavy metals get caught […]

What is Chelation Therapy? NJ Naturopath explains ..

Chelation Therapy removes toxic agents, primarily heavy metals from the body. By removing toxic substances from the body, cells become healthier. Cells which become clogged up with toxins and heavy metals do not work the way they should. In fact, those cells are in a sense, poisoned. Modern medical practices are sadly lacking in a […]

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy – Is It For Everyone? NJ Doctor Explains …

With intravenous vitamins the body experiences a more powerful punch and faster beneficial effects. This has been found to help an entire range of diseases and conditions. The main effect being increasing immune system response, lowering inflammation, increasing energy and detoxing the body. The range of diseases with symptoms that can be reduced by intravenous […]