Soda: One of Worst Man Made Foods and Now it’s Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

Consuming as little as two soft drinks a week can nearly double a person’s risk of acquiring pancreatic cancer, a new study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

The lead author of the study, Noel T. Mueller reported: ”People who drank two or more soft drinks a week had an 87% increased risk — or nearly twice the risk — of pancreatic cancer compared to individuals consuming no soft drinks.”

In 2009 about 42,000 people in the U.S. were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the American Cancer Society estimates 35,240 deaths from this deadliest of cancers were expected. The pancreas creates hormones such as insulin to balance the body’s sugar in the blood and produces juices with enzymes to help break down fats and proteins in our foods.

As to be expected, the beverage industry took strong exception to the study, calling it flawed. They claim ‘other’ research has shown no association between soda consumption and pancreatic cancer. Sodas contain high amounts of refined sugars which cause over production of insulin and over time can put a large amount of stress and cause damage to the pancreas.

Might there indeed be a connection between this amazing amount of sugar in soda and the health of the pancreas? Most health and nutrition experts believe so, including myself.

One of the most important nutrition and health tips you could follow is avoid soda at all cost. The human body is around 70% water and that is what we need to drink to survive.

This article was written by Robert Galarowicz ND – Naturopathic Doctor practicing out of Paramus, New Jersey. Feel free to contact him with questions or comments 201.618.3534 or May you always have abundant health!

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