Natural Relief For IBS That You Can Do At Home

Doctors of holistic medicine have known this for years as there has been many studies published beforehand. The conventional medical doctor in the study acts like he finally put the science behind it…lol a good study nonetheless and a simple remedy you can try at home. Click here to learn more about my digestive health […]

Kidney Failure Reversed With Low Carb Diet

A study that shows what diet can do for kidney failure. I wouldn’t recommend anyone with kidney disease to go on this type of diet but there are diets available that are just as effective. Click here to learn more…

Diabetics’ Kidney Failure May Be Reversed by Low Carb Diet

Mt. Sinai School of Medicine […]

More People Getting Kidney Disease Due To Diabetes

Higher Incidence of Diabetic Kidney Disease in United States

During the last 20 years, diabetic kidney disease has become more prevalent in direct proportion to the increased incidence of diabetes during the same period, says a study published in the June 22-29, 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

The disorder […]

This Diet Will Help Your Kidney (Renal) Disease

Avoiding Dialysis Through Management of Diet

“How to avoid dialysis” by Dr. Mackenzie Walser, suggests that the need for dialysis in kidney patients can be delayed with carefully controlled dietary treatment.

Among Dr. Walser’s patients were those with Nephrotic Syndrome, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Hypertensive Kidney Disease, and Diseases of the Glomeruli. For those with nephrotic […]

Got Kidney Disease? .. Pomegranite Juice May Be Your Answer!

An amazing simple remedy that may benefit people like myself, kidney disease sufferers. Click Here to learn more about how alternative medicine may help your kidney disease.

Pomegranate Juice Reduces Damage to Tissues, Inflammation and Infections, Study Suggests

A new study described in a paper to be presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s […]

Eat Your Protein To Lose Weight! Especially If Your A Menopausal Women …

Visit Dr. Robert’s homepage to click the links about his weight loss and menopause relief services…

Eating Protein Throughout the Day Preserves Muscle and Physical Function in Dieting Postmenopausal Women, Study Suggests

Women trying to lose weight after menopause should be careful to consume enough protein, a new study suggests. The study, by the […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – It’s REAL And Not In Your Head

Improve your IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diet, nutrition, supplements and get relief – click here to learn more­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Proof: Irritable Bowel Syndrome Is Not “In Your Head”

Science Daily, August 2010. The distressing complex of symptoms known as irritable bowel syndrome is quite common – an estimated 10% of the population suffers from […]

Natural Remedies For Heartburn/Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

How to Alleviate Heartburn in Pregnancy

December 2007, Science Daily. One of the commonest problems for pregnant women is heartburn. It usually shows up in the first trimester, and worsens as pregnancy progresses. According to various studies, pregnancy heartburn may be due to a combination of higher levels of progesterone and pressure on the abdominal […]

Herbs Can Be Dangerous If You Take Chemotherapy Drugs

The study below is why you need a good nutritionist or naturopath who understands how to use herbs with chemotherapy drugs for success in your treatment. Natural health doctors are more familiar with the research that is not readily available to most medical professionals to provide you with all the information for your decisions. Read […]


Why Men Are at Higher Risk for Stomach Cancer

In a new study, researchers at MIT demonstrate how estrogen protects women against stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer, as well as cancers of the liver and colon, is more common in men than women. Initially, scientists thought that lifestyle choices like smoking and eating habits could explain […]